However, purchasing a second-hand car can turn into a money pit if you have not done thorough research.

So, in order to avoid scams and ensure you get the best value, take note of these few steps before purchasing a used car:

Imported or Locally Used?

Opting for either options depends on one finances. Importing a second-hand car is however cheaper even with the added taxes.

However, it has its shortcoming in that one could end up waiting for months to have the car cleared through the ports.

Buying a locally used car therefore seems the better option as you can purchase it immediately.

Unfortunately, the cost will be much higher and if you are not buying from an unknown car dealer you might be tricked into buying a stolen car or one that needs lots of repairs.

Reeason for buying

Do you want to move from point A to B, need a car for business or for family?

Whichever the need, it is important to establish the reasons why you are buying your first car before you go ahead and buy it.

Spare parts availability

It is important for all first time car buyers to look for cars that have spare parts that can be easily found at car garages.

This given the poor state of a number of city and rural roads in the country.


Your choice in a car will be greatly affected by your budget.

However, the budget is actually not about how much you can spend but what should be the right price for a used car that can meet your needs.

You can do an online search and compare prices for your desired model.

Nonetheless, do be afraid of bargaining given the age and other conditions of the car. You can score a lower price if you have a good negotiation skill.

Buying insurance

It is important to check the costs of collisions and liability when buying a used car so that you are not left in debt if you are involved in an accident.

The kind of insurance you choose will be affected by the make you choose, it’s value plus other factors that vary with the insurance provider.


When it comes to documentation, make sure that you cover all your bases including transfer documents and car log book as having them done wrongly can cost you dearly.