Facebook to fact-check pictures and videos

Facebook will start fact-checking images and videos, the company said Thursday, expanding its review efforts to posts that are traditionally harder to monitor.   "People share millions of photos and videos on Facebook every day. We know that this kind of sharing is particularly compelling because it's visual. That said, it also

Are You Really Who You Portray Online?

Over the past 15 years, the world as we know it has been taken by storm through the onset of social media. According to Comscore (2011) about 90 percent of U.S. Internet users visit a social media site each month. Because we live in such a largely global-society, creating and maintaining

Get ready, Twitter will suspend abusive accounts beginning next month

Twitter will suspend accounts abusive accounts beginning next month, the company has announced. The company said it will also suspend accounts that repeatedly trolls during live broadcasts. From August 10, Twitter will “review and suspend” repeatedly abusive accounts. This comes after Twitter removed millions of malicious apps and questionable accounts. The company said

Five signs that show you are addicted to Facebook

If you're not sure whether you are addicted to Facebook or you just love the social media, here are seven warning signs that you (or someone you know) may be addicted to Facebook. Spending Excessive Time on Facebook Spending excessive time on Facebook is a clear red flag. How much time is

Five signs that show you are addicted to Instagram

Some people just scroll through Instagram before bed. For you, however, Instagram is a second occupation—as in, you check it at least every 10 minutes. Here are five signs that you are head over heels for that #Instalife. 1. Looking through your Explore page is an all-day tafi I'm addicted, okay? 2. You

Ugandans now have to pay tax to use Facebook and WhatsApp

Ugandans will start paying tax to use social media sites like Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter beginning July. Over 2 million Ugandans are active on social media sites, and each will be required to pay 200 Ugandan shillings (less than 50 cents USD). The government said the tax will be a source of

Tanzania’s best whistleblowing website has temporarily shut down

A Tanzanian website, described as the ‘Swahili WikiLeaks’, has shut down before new regulations come into force requiring online publishers to acquire licences and pay hefty amounts of money. Jamii Forums said on Twitter in Swahili that it was “saddened that we are forced to take this sudden action, but we hope

Journalist ‘arrested in Somaliland over Facebook post’

Photo: Courtesy/NUSOJ A journalists' union in Somalia has accused the self-declared republic of Somaliland of arresting a freelance journalist in the town of Las Anod over a Facebook post . The National Union of Somali Journalists said it's "dismayed by the arbitrary arrest and continued detention of ...Adam Jama Oogle, who is

Facebook releases transparency report on ‘bad stuff’

Social networking giant Facebook has said it took down tens of millions of bad stuff, including nudity and "sexual activity" from its platform during the first quarter of 2018. In a blog post on Tuesday, the company said it pulled down "21 million pieces of adult nudity and sexual activity in

Iran launches app with ‘death to America’ emoji

After banning the popular encrypted messaging service Telegram, Iran launched its own domestic messaging app, Soroush, which features emojis stating “death to America” and in favor of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.  Soroush includes several stickers of a chador-wearing women holding placards wishing death to Israel, the United States, and Freemasons. Other emojis include a woman posing with