China blocks BBC website and app, says broadcaster’s spokesman

The British Broadcast Corporation’s (BBC) English-language website and mobile application have been blocked in China, as confirmed to WikiTribuneby the BBC. Although the BBC’s English-language website was blocked in 2014, this seems to be first time the BBC’s app has been blocked. “It appears that much of the BBC’s content has been blocked in

Somaliland lifts four-year ban on independent newspaper

Somaliland has lifted a four-year ban on Haatuf, a privately-owned newspaper, a media watchdog has said. The US-based Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) said it welcomed the lifting of the ban by a judge . It called on the Somaliland government to lift " similar bans on at least three other publications". The

Tanzania’s Jamii Forums back online after shutting down

Popular Tanzanian website Jamii Forums is back online three weeks after shutting down over new online content regulations. Jamii Forums temporarily shut down last month after new regulations came into effect that required Tanzanian bloggers and online publisher required to pay an annual license fee of over $900. Those who will not

Tanzania’s best whistleblowing website has temporarily shut down

A Tanzanian website, described as the ‘Swahili WikiLeaks’, has shut down before new regulations come into force requiring online publishers to acquire licences and pay hefty amounts of money. Jamii Forums said on Twitter in Swahili that it was “saddened that we are forced to take this sudden action, but we hope

Why Kenya’s media has little to celebrate on World Press Day

Campaign group Humans Rights Watch has accused senior Kenyan government officials of "getting away with physical attacks or open threats to journalists" in the country. In a statement released on 3 May, World Press Freedom Day, Humans Rights Watch said "the period around August 2017’s disputed presidential elections was particularly challenging"