What killed this man is what we drink every day

Energy drinks are one of the most popular beverages sold all over the world. They give us an immediate boost when we need it and can often keep us focused as well. For Dean, he would consume two energy drinks every hour while he was working out. A WHO study reported that

Kenya’s hottest male lawmaker has just been found

The 12th Parliament has hunky MPs who have left Kenyan women weak, wishing, wanting, and dreaming. Some sauntered and became ‘wahesh’ following victories after the August 8 General Election which injected new, hot blood into the August House, previously the preserve of greying men in need of tummy tucks. But these new

How to eat tomatoes for breakfast, lunch and dinner

A certain kind of person takes pride in announcing that they will only eat tomatoes when they’re in season. I’ll admit that I buy plenty of tomatoes in the winter too—to douse with lime and mix with onion and cilantro for pico de gallo, or roast to a shrunken, umami-rich

Five ways to boost your energy without caffeine

Many of us often find ourselves crawling out of bed to our coffee pots, stopping by the nearest café in between classes for a much-needed espresso or surrounding ourselves in the library with a cluster of empty paper cups. However, this wild coffee dependency may not be doing us much