Somalia’s president begins three-day historic visit to Eritrea

The president of Somalia will begin a three-day visit to Eritrea on Saturday in a move that could end rivalry between the two countries. Eritrea's President Isias Afwerki invited President Mohamed Farmajo to Asmara, according to Eritrea's Information minister, saying the visit will take three days. The two Horn of Africa nations

Eritrean and Ethiopian leaders win UAE’s highest honour for peace

Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki and Ethiopian premier Abiy Ahmed have been awarded the United Arab Emirates' highest honour “in recognition of their work for peace between the two nations". The two men are in Abu Dhabi for a tripartite summit with UAE Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed. They have dramatic steps towards

Eritrea names new ambassador to Ethiopia in 20 years

Image: Reuters Eritrea has appointed its first ambassador to Ethiopia in two decades, as the two countries work towards restoring "brotherly" ties, Eritrea's Information minister said. The move comes after the two neighbouring countries formally ended their "state of war" and promised to restore diplomatic ties. Semere Russom, a former Education minister and

Eritrea removes troops from Ethiopia border as Addis Ababa names ambassador

Eritrea's government has announced plans to pull its troops from the border with Ethiopia, in a gesture of reconciliation, the pro-government Eritrea Press has reported. The news is a major development in the peace process that the Ethiopian and Eritrean governments have embarked on to end two decades of hostility. Some 80,000

HRW urges Ethiopia and Eritrea to address alleged rights violations

Human Rights Watch has called on Ethiopia and neighbouring Eritrea to address alleged human rights abuses as the two countries continue to normalise relations. The US-based group said "now that Eritrea and Ethiopia have finally made peace with each other, it’s high time they each worked to protect the basic rights

Eritrea’s president arrives in Ethiopia for historic visit

Eritrea’s President Isaias Afwerki arrived in the Ethiopia's capital, Addis Ababa, on Saturday, days after the two neighbors declared their “state of war” over. Earlier, Eritrea’s Information Minister Yemane Meskel confirmed Isaias’ departure. Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed met him at the airport. Thousands of people, waving the flags of both countries,

Eritrean leader visits Addis Ababa amid renewed ties with Ethiopia

The president of Eritrea, Isaias Afwerki, is visiting Ethiopia on Saturday, the latest step in an unprecedented diplomatic thaw between the former archrivals that is ending one of Africa's longest-running conflicts, AP news agency is reporting. Eritrea's information minister, Yemane Gebremeskel, confirmed the visit on Twitter, saying it will "add momentum to

Ethiopia now wants United Nations to lift sanctions against Eritrea

Ethiopia has called on the United Nations to lift sanctions against Eritrea after the two east African neighbours signed a declaration ending decades of conflict. Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed made the request during a visit to Addis Ababa by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres on Monday, state-affiliated media Fana said. The

UN special envoy for Somali refugees visits Eritrea

The United Nations special envoy for the Somali refugee situation has visited Eritrea as parts of his efforts to look for solutions to the Somali refugee problem. Ambassador Mohamed Abdi Affey said on Twitter that he reached Asmara, the Eritrean capital, for a "series of productive meetings and agreements with government

Ethiopia welcomes historic Eritrean delegation with flowers and red carpet

Two months ago, nobody would have ever imagined it but it's happening. On Tuesday, a high-level Eritrean government delegation arrived in Ethiopia for talks on ending decades-old tensions between the two east African neighbours. The Eritrean delegation included foreign affairs minister Osman Saleh and Yemane Gebreab, an advisor to President Isias Afewerki. On