Kenya deports Chinese man over ‘racist rant’

A Chinese man has been deported after a video emerged of him making racist comments, Kenya's immigration department says. The man, indentified as Liu Jiaqi, was captured in a video calling all Kenyans, including President Uhuru Kenyatta, "monkeys". Mr Liu and his representatives have yet to comment on the situation. The authorities have

China blocks BBC website and app, says broadcaster’s spokesman

The British Broadcast Corporation’s (BBC) English-language website and mobile application have been blocked in China, as confirmed to WikiTribuneby the BBC. Although the BBC’s English-language website was blocked in 2014, this seems to be first time the BBC’s app has been blocked. “It appears that much of the BBC’s content has been blocked in

Famous handshakes that changed the course of history

Handshakes between political enemies can have an immediate effect on the political climate around them and can change a country experiencing domestic political crisis or countries with historic enmity. We take a look at six of these memorable handshakes. Uhuru and Raila On March 9, 2018, Kenya's President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition

Chinese military ‘injures’ US pilot in Djibouti laser incidents

Chinese military personnel at a base in Djibouti have injured United States army pilots after using lasers 'to interfere' with American planes at a US base in the east African country, officials said on Thursday. Pentagon spokeswoman Dana W. White said on Thursday that the US formally complained to China over