Al-Shabab and ISIS are engaged in economic war in Somalia

Somali businesses find themselves caught between a rock and a hard place as they face taxation from multiple groups. The government, al-Shabab and Isis are all collecting taxes from business people with no option to choose whom to pay. Pay up or close shop. Al-Shabab is already well established in the

US airstrike in Somalia kills Al-Shabab fighter

An Al-Shabab militant has been killed in a US airstrike in southern Somalia over the weekend, the Pentagon has said. There has been fighting between Somali forces backed by the US troops in the south of the country. The US military Africa Command (Africom) said the strike had been carried out on

Al-Shabab founding father is running for office in Somalia

A former Al-Shabab deputy leader and spokesman could be running for office in the presidency of Somalia’s South West State. Mukhtar Robow Abu Mansur is a founding father and former spokesman of the Al-Shabab group, an Al-Qaeda-affiliated group fighting to overthrow the internationally-backed Somali government and rule the country according to

We have not conducted airstrikes against al-Shabab, says US military

The US Africa Command (Africom) has denied conducting airstrikes against Somalia's al-Shabab, days after the group attacked a Somali military base in the south of the country. "US Africa Command has not conducted a strike within the past 24 hours," Africom spokesman Karl J. Wiest told Xinhua following local media reports

Al-Shabab flogs four people 100 times each for fornication

Somalia’s Al-Shabab group has flogged four people it accused of committing fornication in the southern town of Ja’ar late Friday afternoon. The flogging happened at a public square and was witnessed by a large crowd. One of the victims received 39 slashes because he was a minor, according to a pro-Al-Shabab wesite,

Uganda sends additional troops to Somalia to boost war on Al-Shabab

Uganda has sent additional troops to Somalia to sustain peace and stability in the Horn of Africa nation, army chief David Muhoozi said. Gen Muhoozi said Battle Group 25 will also work with a UN guard Unit who will be protecting key key UN and Somali government installations, UN personnel and

Somali teen flogged 100 times and expelled from town for rape

Somalia’s Al-Shabab group has flogged a teen after its court said he was found guilty of raping a young girl in the southern town of Barire. The flogging took place at a public square in Barire witnessed by a large crowd on Monday. A local Al-Shabab judge who read the court’s judgement

Somalia’s Al-Shabab executes two men for murder

Somalia's Al-Shabab has executed two men it accused of killing another man. The execution took place in southern town of Jilib on Sunday. An-Shabab judge in Jilib said the men, identified as Gabow ibrahim, 36, and Mohamed Abdi, 29, were found guilty of killing Adan Hassan near Jilib. Accused persons brought before Al-Shabab

Somali official wounded in roadside bomb blast

A Somali local government official and three of his bodyguards have been wounded after a roadside hit his convoy in the town of Awdinle in southwest of the counyry. South West state security forces arrived at the scene of the explosion and conducted an operation. No group has claimed responsibility but authorities

Eight killed in blasts near Somalia presidential palace

Eight people have been killed when armed men attacked a security checkpoint near Villa Somalia, Somalia's seat of power in Mogadishu. Fire exchange ensued between solders manning the checkpoint and the attackers, followed by two car blasts. The first blast exploded near Hotel SYL. The Somali government said it ended the attack, but

Kenyan forces ‘repulse’ Al-Shabab attack near Somalia border

Kenyan security officers have repulsed al-Shabab attack on a police camp near the border with Somalia. Garissa County Commissioner Joshua Chepchieng said about 20 heavily armed militants believed to have crossed from neighboring Somalia attempted to raid an Administration Police camp in Amey but were repulsed. Chepchieng said the militants chose to

Al-Shabab claims killing Kenya army commander in Somalia

Somalia's Al-Shabab group has claimed killing a Kenyan military commander in southwestern Somalia town of Fafahdun. The Al-Qaeda-lonked group said the commander, who was leading Kenyan troops in Fafhdun, was killed after its fighters attacked a Kenyan military camp with motor shells. The Kenya Defence Forces have so far not responded to

Blasts hit Somalia’s internal security compound

Two explosions rocked Somalia's capital, Mogadishu, Saturday morning, officials said. The explosions targeted the Ministry of Internal Security headquarters near Parliament Building. "There were two blasts targeting the internal security compound near parliament," said Ibrahim Mohamed, a police commander, adding gunfire was continuing after the initial explosions. Witnesses had initially reported hearing a

Al-Shabab fires motor shells at Kenya army base in Somalia

Al-Shabaab has attacked a Kenyan military camp in southwestern Somalia, the militant group and residents said. The militant group fired several motor shells at the base in Fafahdun, Gedo region in southwest Somalia. Heavy fighting between the two sides ensued, resulting in deaths and injuries but there are no reports on the

Car bomb wounds at least two in Somalia’s capital

At least two people have been wounded in a car bomb in Somalia’s capital, reports say. The blast took place in Mogadishu’s Warta Nabada district, near the Sinai Junction. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack. Somalia is recovering from years of conflict which followed the ouster of the late president, Siad

Somalia’s al-Shabab ‘bans plastic bags and logging’

Al-Shabab has banned single-use plastic bags in the areas it controls in Somalia, according to media outlets affiliated with the group. According to the pro-Shabab Somali Memo website, the group has also banned logging with immediate effect. Mohamed Abu Abdalla, al-Shabab's governor for southern Somalia's Shabelle regions, said plastic "poses a serious

Al-Shabab blows up bridge in southern Somalia

Suspected al-Shabab members have blown up a bridge in Somalia's southern town of Qoryoley, officials say. The bridge over the Birimo Sugantario channel was destroyed using bombs and landmines, according to local authorities. Qoryoley, in Lower Shabelle region, lies about 120 kilometres southwest of the capital, Mogadishu. Al-Shabab is fighting to overthrow an

10 things that happened this week in Somalia

Here at Gosahan, we know that there are times when keeping up with the news is hard. So we have decided to save you the hassle by rounding up the most significant stories from each week. Here’s a complete recap of this week’s top stories from Somalia: 1. This week, al-Shabab denied

Somalia’s al-Shabab group denies death of its leader Abu Ubeida

Somali National Army radio is reporting that the leader of al-Shabab has died, but this has been denied by the group. The radio said Sheikh Ahmed Diriye, popularly known as Abu Ubeidah, died in the town of Jilib in southern Somalia after suffering from cancer for a year. Abu Ubeidah took over

Al-Shabab official killed in joint Somali-US military operation

A senior al-Shabab official has been killed in a joint military operation by Somali army and US Special Forces in southern Somalia, the army said. The commander, identified only as Aruriyow, had been hiding in the village of Arare in Lower Jubba region and was a senior al-Shabab financial official, according

Al-Shabab attack kills four Somali soldiers

At least four Somali soldiers have been killed after al-Shabab fighters attacked a military base outside Hudur, the provincial capital of the southwestern Bakol region. A spokesman for al-Shabab said they temporarily retook control of Teed, 30 kilometres outside Huddur and seized weapons after the fight with government forces. Somali military

Somali army attacks Al-Shabab base

Somali forces have attacked an Al-Shabab base in the outskirts of southwestern town of Bardere. Al-Shabab group controls large swaths of land, mostly in rural areas in central and southern Somalia. The troops will continue targeting Al-Shabab bases near Bardere to restore peace and security, a Somali military official told the media. There