Get ready, Twitter will suspend abusive accounts beginning next month

Twitter will suspend accounts abusive accounts beginning next month, the company has announced.

The company said it will also suspend accounts that repeatedly trolls during live broadcasts.

From August 10, Twitter will “review and suspend” repeatedly abusive accounts. This comes after Twitter removed millions of malicious apps and questionable accounts.

The company said it will begin a “more aggressive enforcement” of its community guidelines, which do not allow comments promoting “abuse of other people or the disruption of another person’s broadcasting experience.”

Since May, users have been able to report comments as ‘Abuse,’ ‘Spam,’ or ‘Other Reason.’ As comments are reported, Twitter randomly selects other viewers to weigh in on the comment by identifying the comment as ‘Abuse or Spam,’ ‘Looks OK,’ or ‘Not Sure.’

A majority vote for abuse or spam results in the user’s chat capabilities being temporarily disabled. If that user continues to post abusive content, chat is disabled for the entire broadcast, according to Fortune.

With Twitter’s new enforcement, the accounts of repeated offenders can be permanently suspended.

Twitter suspended nearly 70 million accounts between May and June in an attempt to purge fake users and removed more than 143,000 malicious apps between April and June.

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