Apple to release three new iPhones. Here’s what you need to know

US tech giant Apple is likely gearing up to present the world with a handful of new iPhone models, in new sizes, colours, and with exciting new features, during its upcoming September conference.

Apple is getting ready to launch three new iPhone smartphones this year, Bloomberg reports. They will most likely embrace the iPhone X’s edge-to-edge screen design and Face ID security measure, but customers should not expect a radical departure from the iPhone X’s look.

Each of the three new iPhones are rumoured to have a different screen size. The smallest model will have a 5.8-inch OLED screen, the same display technology used in the iPhone X, and the largest (and most expensive) version will have a 6.5-inch OLED screen.

Along with that giant display, the largest iPhone model is also expected to have a third rear camera, potentially granting the phone an edge when it comes to photographing in low-light conditions.

Apple’s third new iPhone is expected to be the cheapest of the three, with only a single rear camera and a less impressive 6.1-inch LCD display. Still, it is expected to be available in some eye-catching colours to entice consumers into buying a less expensive iPhone.

It is the same strategy used to sell the iPhone 5c, a repackaged version of the iPhone 5 that eschewed the latter’s aluminium frame for a plastic one (and was discontinued after a year). The new 6.1-inch iPhone is expected to hit shelves a bit later than the OLED models, possibly not until October, according to Bloomberg.

Apple’s event is supposedly focused on the iPhone, but that does not mean Apple will not add some extras to its list of new product announcements.

From an Apple Watch with more screen real estate to the debut of the long-awaited AirPower Mat facilitating wireless charging, the California company may drop some non-iPhone surprises. But we may have to wait until another Apple event, possibly in October, to learn more about any new peripherals.

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