Al-Shabab suicide bomber targets soldiers in Somalia

Al-Shabab has said it killed 12 soldiers in a suicide bomb attack on a military convoy in Somalia’s Lower Shabelle region.

The group said the attack targeted a convoy of Bancroft personnel in a place called Baar Ismail near the town of Afgoye.

Bancroft is a US-based private military company. On its website, the company says it provides “a package of mentoring services to the African Union mission to Somalia”.

A pro-Shabab website said that the group used “an explosive-laden vehicle driven by a suicide bomber to hit a truck carrying Bancroft soldiers and commanders serving American interests” in Somalia.

“Witnesses said they heard a loud explosion and a saw a pickup truck on fire…The targeted convoy was on its way to Mogadishu”.

The website said the bombing “was al-Shabab’s first suicide attack during this year’s holy month of Ramadan” in the Horn of Africa country.

Al-Shabab, whose name means The Youth in Arabic, is battling the African Union-backed Somali government and has executed a string of attacks across Somalia and Kenya.

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